Dark Sites

Dark Sites

The members of CAS use a number of accessible Dark Sites – these are locations we have identified as great places to observe the night sky. Each location provides an opportunity to see the night sky, with easy access to bring your car directly to the observing location. Check out the Observing forum and you will often find members posting their plans to visit one site or another during the dark window (the time of the month during which the moon is not up for hours conducive to observing).

For all dark sites it is important to remember that these are remote locations, generally without close access to facilities.

A word of caution to everyone:  Use common sense when planning to observe at dark sites. NEVER go alone. Use reasonable precautions as  you are in areas where animals or other members of the public may wander onto your observing site. Being on a field in the dark has its own natural risks. ChesMont Astronomical Society does not own or regulate these observing locations and is not responsible or liable for accidents or misbehavior that might occur at these locations. You assume all risks.

When visiting a dark site try to avoid bright lights after twilight – these damage the night vision of your fellow observers.

Active Dark Sites

DS-1 at French Creek Gun Range

DS-2 in Bethel Township


Blue Mountain Vista Observatory

High Knob Overlook

State Game Lands 251

Cherry Springs State Park