CAS Meeting

CAS Meeting

Join us at the Crow’s Nest Preserve for our monthly club meeting.

Time-lapse Photography: Adventures in Perspective Time Travel

Mark “Indy” Kochte

Time-lapse photography has become very common-place in the field of photography. It is regularly found in movies, television shows (such as the title sequence to the series “House of Cards” which is 100% time-lapse, filmed in DC), commercials, and by numerous videos created by hobbyists. You’ve probably seen more time-lapse photography sequences than you are aware. The technology of today has advanced so far from 20 years ago that it allows pretty much everyone with the interest and drive the opportunity to do their own time-lapse videos, limited only by your imagination. In this presentation Indy will be discussing the fundamentals of time-lapse photography, with an emphasis on night sky time-lapse photography (astrolapsing), as well as the experiences and ‘lessons learned’ adventures he has had while pursuing this venue of photography. He will be covering the how-to’s and many – but by NO means all – of the possible resources available to the photographer interested in tackling this challenging but rewarding photographic adventure.

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