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April 2019 meeting

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    I would like to propose that our April meeting is our first “Observers Meeting”. I’ve been in “DEEP” thought over the past couple months of where I’m going in both equipment, and where I’m going more often to observe…meaning darker skies. After August I’m free from now on to go to our local sites and to travel to darker locations whenever it’s clear during the dark window. I also want to inspire more to get out and observe. The club needs this IMO.

    Here from another post is a suggestion from our Prez.

    I LOVE the idea of dedicating two to four monthly meetings exclusively to Karl’s DSO meetings. We can think of them as “Official Observing Roundtables”, where we all discuss the various potential objects of interest in the upcoming season. We can set up a bunch of tables and chairs and everyone bring a phone, tablet, laptop, or pen and paper, and lets start swapping objects of interest and get our observing lists going!!
    We can call it DSOs for DSOs…”Deep Sky Objects” for “Dedicated, Serious, Observers”!!

    I will talk more about this at our March meeting this Sunday (St. Karl’s day), and have a couple objects to view for April’s dark window.




    The April observing targets from last night’s meeting as Karl listed them:

    NGC 2903
    PGC 26945, 26951 group, near NGC 2903
    NGC 2832 group in Lynx
    NGC 3115 Sextans
    NGC 3432 aka Arp 206
    Abell 1185 NGC 3550, Group in Uma
    Arp 148. 15.5 mag
    Lost Galaxy NGC 4535 (erratum in prior post stating 4526)

    Thanks, Karl, Nicely done. Now, all I need is a new moon, a dark site and clear, dark, steady skies.

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    Thanks Fred

    One more NGC 2916 east of NGC 2903



    I am looking forward to the first official DSO ² (DSO Squared) meeting in April!!! I am reviewing observing logs now looking for objects to share. And NO, they will NOT all be fainter than 16.5 mag  😆 …

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    To All:

    Here’s a link to the Lost Galaxy in Virgo

    NGC 4535.

    Not NGC 4526 which is nearby and also a very nice object!


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    Thanks, I corrected my post. Both of those galaxies will fit nicely in the same FOV in my 18″ with the 17E.

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