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    This is on for tonight @ Marsh Creek, hope u can make it!



    To All,

    Great but small crowd, ( < 25 folks ) Dan A, Jan R, me, Ed F and Team D held down the fort.  The skies mostly cooperated with good views of the 1st Quarter Moon, Saturn and Jupiter.  Later that evening M13, M57, The Double Cluster and its Red Giants were crowd pleasers.

    As an aside, my ‘scope malfunction proved to be a blown fuse between my Battery and everything else.  (Now I just have to figure out why?) Thanks to a spare battery powered Rigel QF and biomechanical power, the night was not lost and the views of the Moon with 14” of Zambuto power proved to be exceptional.



    Jan Romer

    Your count is close to mine,  (est 25- 30) and those attending were mostly first timers who came and stayed for a long time. I set up a  80mm Orion refractor that I snagged  for $10 at an auction on my Stellarvue M1/Manfrotto tripod mount, which made it easy to operate, and I let the kids give it a try. One boy logged his first of what think will be many objects one day, the Moon and Saturn – and got darn close to Jupiter before getting frustrated. The Orion80mm gave some decent views with my vintage Edmund RKE eyepieces, too, which makes me want to see how he’ll like my newer eyepieces, and proved itself a good buy.

    Our guests were very happy with their “first light” experience, and I heard lots of praise as they said their goodnights. All in all, it was a great little success. As always a HUGE thank you to our devoted star party regulars for their help! And when Doc’s 14″ Dob was done giving him a hard time, we saw very nice views even with a 1st quarter Moon and the familiar “attack clouds” getting in the way. We were finished and outta there early, and when I got home, there was not a cloud in sky. 🎃

    Next month, we go up against wet and cold and guests who didn’t take the event warning seriously. It’ll be FUN. 🌠


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