It's da Moon, guys!

It's da Moon, guys!

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    Jan Romer

    I’ve been thinking. (Yes, I know, but bear with me.) Since this year is the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11, I figured it’s a great reason for me to do the lunar observing I’ve been putting off for decades – and after searching a few books, I decided I’m excited about doing it. AND I am thinking we might add Journey to the Moon to our start party offerings; specifically, that a few of us might select a specific region of the Moon to share with the public. The Apollo 11 landing site is in a very interesting region and although we can’t see the exact landing site, it’s easy to locate using the “local” landmarks as a guide. THAT would be our highlight, but there are many goodies on the Moon to add to the show. My personal favorites are Messier and Romer, but I’m dying to see volcanic domes, the ‘Mr Bill face of Flamsteed, ghostly Lamont, the Rock Garden… you can see I’m really getting into this. Is anyone interested in participating with me?


    rob from altair

    It’s funny you should post this.  I was out last night early and the moon was rising and it looked pretty nice, mainly because the sky was clear, and anything looks nice these days when the sky is clear.  And this morning I was sifting through some asto stuff and came upon a Sky and Tel full size moon map.   So it started me thinking that if the sky is going to be crappy all winter, I”d observe the moon if it’s a clear night and that’s all that’s being offered up.  I was hoping to get some pictures of the eclipse tomorrow night through my 6″ refractor – maybe there will be a break at the right time.

    I’ll practice up on my lunar observing and if we get any clear nights for star parties I’ll be glad to pull in the moon also.

    It’s also a good reminder that it’s the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11.

    Thanks Jan,



    Star party’s are about getting the public to look up and getting them inspired to be more involved in astronomy. Few things in astronomy are as obvious as the moon, and few organizations inspire the general public more than NASA and the Apollo missions. The PR that comes from the moon and NASA is too great to miss out on. I think it is a great idea to blend the two of them together! I’m all for pulling out the filters on star party night…




    I too think its a GREAT idea.
    We are an Astronomy Club and that mean’s ALL things astronomical.

    Too limit the Club’s interests to types of objects, types of activity, types of talks, and types of telescopes is in today’s world foolish.

    There is a great editorial in this month’s issue of Amateur Astronomy about the “death” of astronomy clubs!

    We should discuss this at our next meeting.
    We could even bring Josh’s friend form the Apollo days to another of our meetings.


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