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    rob from altair

    Pursuant to the meeting last Sunday, this is the info on the red light article in S&T.  I cannot access a link to the article but this is the title “Red Light Field Test
    A star party experiment confirms that using red at night needs to be revisited.”
    By Ken Wishaw” and it’s from the July 2019 edition.   Maybe someone who has en electronic subscription can share the article.

    On a similar topic, I wasn’t aware that you can go into an iphone under settings / Accessibility / Color filters – and select the color (red/orange or in between or any color) and it will turn the whole screen background that color.  This is really good to know for when using phone and/or ipad in the field.



    Rob thanks for the heads up on the iPhone settings! That is useful information.

    Bob Jorgenson

    You can adjust similar settings on Android phones too. I have Samsung S9+. It is found under settings / accessibility / visibility enhancements / color lens. This adds a color filter over the entire screen. You can adjust opacity from 20% – 60%. Remember to also turn down the screen brightness.



    I like Red Cling, especially, the X-tra Dark Red Cling from Sirius Astro Products. I just keep in my car for when I’m out observing.

    Jan Romer

    The red light debate started way back. I recall attending a league convention in Tucson back in ’86 and hearing a talk on the subject there.



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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