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Update from the Astronomical League

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    Steve LaBrenz

    Hi all,

    I received this today form AL and, while expected, has information you might want to review.


    To All Regional Chairs and Representatives —


    Due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, the Executive Committee has decided to suspend all League national and regional conventions and group activities until such time as competent medical and government authority determines that large public gatherings and public transportation and travel are safe. Until that time, no region or other entity acting under the League’s aegis may conduct conventions, star parties, or other large public gatherings or group activities. Please understand that any person(s) violating this determination could be held personally liable to the League for any loss sustained by the League as a result.


    Consistent with this determination regarding regional activities, the League has postponed its national convention for one year, until August 4-7, 2021. Our ALCon ’20 hosts at The Albuquerque Astronomical Society have generously agreed to host ALCon ’21 in Albuquerque at the same Embassy Suites venue. Steps are being taken to refund registrations received for this year’s event.


    Most League services will continue during this crisis.


    All 2020 League awards programs will move forward on schedule with winners announced and recognized in Reflector, but the public presentation of 2020 awards (including League-sponsored youth award convention trips) will be deferred until ALCon ’21. We encourage all regions to continue with their awards programs as well in that these can be conducted and announced without public gatherings.


    All League Observing programs will continue as well, but we encourage individuals pursuing our observing programs to abide by national and local government orders relating to lock-downs, travel, transportation, and use of public lands and facilities.


    Obviously, we are most distressed to have to take these actions, but this is a unique crisis with unique risks to millions and the postponement of conventions and star parties will not harm our mission or our organization. Failure to take these actions, however, could compromise the lives and health of our members and, in so doing, expose the League, the League Council, and Regional officers to legal liability.


    If you have any questions about whether a specific regional activity is permitted (i.e. those not involving large gatherings), or if this decision poses unique problems in your region due to existing commitments, please contact a League officer.


    Thank you for your understanding. Best wishes for the health and well-being of you and your family and friends.


    — For Ron Kramer, President, Astronomical League, and the Executive Committee,


    Chuck Allen

    Secretary and past-President, Astronomical League

    4005 St. Germaine Ct.

    Louisville, KY 40207

    (502) 693-5504

    Jan Romer

    Thanks for caring this.





    Thanks Steve!

    Star Fest is likely to be “virtual” this year.   I’ll let Rob C and Marty H comment on the recent discussions we had at the Executive Committee of CAS  Wednesday two weeks ago and at last Sunday Night’s informal CAS Zoom.us meeting April 5th.

    Robert W

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